Application Guidelines

The application process is completely online.

Please consider the following guidelines while filling the application form:

  1. All questions should be answered in the application form. If a question is not relevant for you, please fill “Not Applicable”.
  2. You should upload your curriculum vitae (maximum of 4 pages) only in PDF format. Maximum file size is 1 MB.
  3. Your CV should contain a brief education and employment history and make your achievements clear.
  4. You should take consent from your referee(s) before applying and giving his/her name as a referee. You need to fill contact details of the referee In your application form including email address. The application will be considered incomplete if the letters of support do not reach us on time.
  5. After successful submission of your application, you will be acknowledged with your unique application number.
  6. A mail will be sent to your referee with your application number (for verification purpose) with a request to submit a letter of support by uploading a letter in PDF format (maximum file size: 1 MB).
  7. Your referee(s) should be familiar with your research career and able to comment on your ability to be a member of young science academy.
  8. An applicant is allowed to submit only one application form.
  9. Please note that a letter of support from the current INYAS members will not be considered.

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  1. D. P. Rai says:

    Dear Admin,
    I have a problem filling up the Thesis title.

    Please help me.

    Best Regards!

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience. We resolved the issue, now you can submit the form.

    • Dr. N. Kumar says:

      Dear Admin,

      As per eligibility for INYAS Membership eligibility criteria, PhD is must. However, while filling online application Postdoctoral/Post MS/MD experience is mandatory to fill.

      Please expedite.

      With regards,

    • admin says:

      You can simply write, “Not Applicable” in those fields.

  2. Albert says:

    Can the letter of recommendation from the Supervisor and Head of the department?

    • admin says:

      NO. Please read the guidelines carefully. If PhD supervisor is fellow of any Science Academy of India, it’s YES.

  3. mohd habeeb ali says:

    sir what is criteria for applying .

  4. Felix says:

    I am sorry but it is quite confusing. There seems two websites for INYAS application; where should I apply? This website ( and this website:
    Both has entirely different application format. If insa domain is obsolete, I would suggest the page to be deactivated, or redirect to the new one

    Another doubt, where should referees send their reference letter? which email address? It is not mentioned in ‘application guidelines’. Is there any format?

  5. Lincy says:

    Can the letter of recommendation from:
    1. Head of the department and
    2. Head of the institute

  6. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have started filling the details online, however, in order to get the details, I need to save the submission.

    Please confirm me if the submission can be saved and details can be added further after two to three days.

  7. Purobi says:

    can guest faculties working in an Indian university are eligible to apply for INYAS Membership?

  8. Aparna Gunjal says:

    Can Ph.D supervisor give the letter of recommendation, who is not fellow of academy of science? He is emeritus scientist.
    Other supervisor is Professor in University.

  9. Dr. Aparna B. Gunjal says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Can i take the recommendation letter from the head of the dept who is not member of any academy? Because if I cannot take from the supervisor also who is not member of any academy, then in such case from whom I should take the recommendation letter??? Please solve my problem

  10. Deva Arun Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have submitted my Ph.D thesis on May 2018. Can I apply for this program?

  11. Sahil goel says:

    I have sumitted my thesis.
    Am I eligible to apply?

  12. Sahil goel says:

    I have submitted my phd thesis. Am I eligible?

  13. Dr Neeraj Kumar says:

    I am not able to submit the application, showing the following message:
    This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.

  14. vijay says:

    Dear Sir/ Mam
    I had complete my Ph.D program at 2013, presently working as a associate professor in one of the private engineering college refrees is my working college HoD and Principal is OK otherwise my research guide and some familier professor refrence is needed, please give me clear view of refree
    Thanks with regards

  15. Dr. R. Rizvi says:

    Plz tell me if a person who is FNASc , can be a referee for INYAS membership form?

  16. Narayan says:

    I have submitted my thesis on June 2018 and my thesis defense is not yet finished. But currently, I am a postdoc. Am I eligible to apply?

  17. RUPALI GUPTA says:

    Is there any possibilities to apply INYAS-2019 for Non Phd ??

  18. Santosh Mani says:

    I am completing 40yrs on 19th Feb 2019.
    Am I eligible to apply?

    Can I take recommendation letter from Head of institute and HOD

  19. Ritu Singh says:

    I think the conditions imposed on the probable referees is not justified, and there should be some flexibility. For, example, my HoD and HoI both belong to a different background (other than science), and so are not the best choices to comment on my research aptitude and background. Supervisors, and other academic persons shall be allowed to send recommendation. What is exactly meant by being a member of indian academy? It is not at all clear

  20. Dr PDSR says:

    how i change referees name if they are not eligible or email is not available

  21. Dr. Dipty Singh says:

    Facing problem in final submission of filled online form.
    The following error comes:

    This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.

    Kindly help in fixing this problem.

  22. Dr Nidhi Chaudhary says:

    Does it really matter to get nominated by any of them you asked? I think this become a common trend in India, that is of no use. Even you will see the nominator first before the expertise and achievements of the candidate.

  23. Amitesh Kumar says:

    I am a PhD scholar at IIT Indore.
    Will one referral of a Scientist at CSIR, who is non-member of INYAS would be sufficient for application to the membership?

  24. I am a PhD scholar at IIT Indore. Will one referral of a scientist at CSIR who is non-member of INYAS is sufficient for membership?

  25. I am completing 40 years on 17th December, 2018. Am i eligible to apply?

  26. Raza says:

    Fellows of Indian Society of Plant Physiology, Fellow of Botanical Society of India and FNA are eligible to provide reco letters?


    I did my PhD during 2008. I am applicable for INYAS-2019.

  28. Vinay Kumar says:

    Is a member of Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences” (APAS) eligible to provide the letters of support.


    I have already submitted my online application form. My referees have conveyed to me that they have not received any email from your side for the letters of support. Please do the needful.


    Dear Admin,

    I have already submitted my application on 15th September. However, I have been conveyed by my referees that they have not received any email from your side requesting letters of support. Please do the needful so as to enable them to send you the letters.

  31. Dear Sir,

    I have applied for INYAS membership 2019. I have got two letters of support from fellows of NASI and INSA. One of the fellows has submitted the letter of support but other one has not yet got any email from INYAS to submit the letter of support. What to do? Could you please contact me?

  32. Anupreeta says:

    What is expected in “Research statements” under 2. Educational Qualif. (Postdoc..)? There’s no option to upload a PDF and no information about word limit.

  33. Arvind Kumar says:

    What is the deadline for referees to send their recommendation? Is it 30th Sep.

  34. Amit says:

    Hi, I have submitted the online application for INYAS 2019 yesterday; however my referees haven’t received any email on where and how to submit the support letter. Can you please help and let me know the email address which I can provide to my referees for submitting the support letter for my application.

    Thanks in advance!

  35. Prateek says:

    The email did not go to my reference to upload reco. Is it possible to email the recommendation?

  36. KYRAO says:

    Dear sir,
    Do we need send hard copy to INSA office.
    Thanks in advance

  37. Krishna says:

    I have submitted my application on 20th sept, Both my referees, checked their spam folders also for couple of times for last four days. They did not receive any email. What is the best way for them to send their letter to INYAS. Is there any valid email id that they you can share that they can use to send their letters with in the deadline. Your earliest response is really appreciated.

  38. Abbas says:

    Currently, I hold chairperson of my department, so I have given name of dean as a referee. Is it alright?

  39. Dinesh J says:

    Sir. Not able to submit the form even after trying multiple times. It says cant reach the page.
    Internet is good.Kindly check if there is any other issue.

  40. Bhaskar says:


    I had applied for the membership in first week of this month, but my referees have not yet received any email for uploading reference letters yet. Could you give me the email where they could send the letters, or pl. send them email link for submitting such letters. Thanks

  41. Abhishek Sharma says:

    A recommendation from Fellow of National Academy of Agriculture Sciences is acceptable?

  42. Aravind says:

    Dear Sir…. w.r.t referees : One of the guideline points (point iii) says referees could also be “Heads of department in Universities… Is it applicable to Heads of Department in “Institutes” (eg IITs HoD, IISERs HoD) ? Kindly clarify…

  43. Shankar says:

    Any criteria for selecting referee?

    Are referee(s) should be different from People from who we are taking supportinng letter ?

    Supporting letter should address to Whom – President INYAS or President INSA ?

    Supporting letter should be mail or proper letter on Institute/Employer Notepad ?

    • admin says:

      1. Referees are same who are providing supporting letter.
      2. Chair-INYAS
      3. Preferably on Institute/Employer Notepad

  44. Ashu says:

    Do the referees receive the email immediately on application submission? If not, what is the usual time gap?

  45. Dear Admin

    Our referees have not receive mail for uploading reference letter for the same. Even they have not receive in spam. Please suggest

  46. Dr. Ram says:

    The deadline is just reaching, is there any chance of extension of deadline.

  47. Dr. Sherin Zafar says:

    i submitted just now but did not recieve any mail on my id for confirmation

  48. i submitted just now but did not recieve any mail on my id for confirmation


    Unfortunately, health of my referees are not going well (one of them is 80+) but considering the significance of the membership, they have assured me to send support letter anyhow by next week. I hope you would accept it.

  50. Can a member of NASc eligible for recommendation or only fellows are eligible?

  51. Dr Sapna Jain says:

    I am Dr Sapna Jain from Jamia Hamdard University. I have successfully registered the application form no-20199555125598.I reference person (Prof M Ashar alam)has got the reference acceptance email but other reference(Prof Ranjit Biswas) has not received the email.Kindly help and send the email to the second reference person

  52. Dr Sapna Jain says:

    My application has been successfully submitted with application no-20199555125598.My one reference(Prof M Afshar alam) has received the reference acceptance email but second reference(Prof Ranjit Biswas) has not received the email.He has even checked the spam folder.Kindly send the email to the second reference.

  53. I Have successfully registered for the Inyas membership.One reference has received the email but second reference has not received the email.kindly send the email to second reference

  54. Dr. K V Sriharsha says:

    I have submitted my application. But I did not receive any confirmation mail on my id for the same. Kindly confirm

  55. Dr. K V Sriharsha says:

    I have submitted my application. But did not receive any confirmation on my e-mail. Kindly acknowledge the same.

  56. Kiran M says:

    I have submitted an application but unfortunately one of the reference email id is incorrect owing to typographical error is there ay method to rectify it now?

  57. Dear Admin,

    One of my referees whose Email address is has not received the link to upload the letter. I have submitted my application twice but in vein. My Director has uploaded the letter twice. Please help if possible.

    • admin says:

      We will certainly look into it.

    • Dear Admin,
      Due to an unprecedented emergency I unfortunately missed the last date for application. I am highly desirous of applying for the INYAS membership. Is there any scope that I can submit my application now. Any cooperation will be highly appreciated and I will be really thankful.
      Best regards.

    • admin says:

      We are sorry. As last date is over, we are not accepting any application further.

  58. Areejit Samal says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am Areejit Samal from IMSc, Chennai. I have submitted my application twice on Sept 25 and 27 but my second referee has not received any link to upload his reco letter. One of my referees has uploaded the letter. I would appreciate if you could send the upload link to my second referee.


  59. RAJ KUMAR says:

    I have uploaded my application on Sep 23, 2018. the application number is 20199914567224. But both of my referees have not received the link to upload the comments.

  60. Prabhu says:

    I tried to submit the form on 29th. is it possible to upload it today?

  61. RAJ KUMAR says:

    One of my referees has not obtained the link to upload recommendation.

  62. Dear Admin,

    So far one of my referee(Prof. Bapat) has not received any email from INYAS. Kindly look into this immediately.

  63. Brojeshwar Bhowmick says:

    Can I know my membership status?

  64. Brojeshwar Bhowmick says:

    My application number is 20197044944788. May I know the application status?

  65. Anupreeta says:

    The referee has received an email with instructions but there’s no link to upload the letter online. Can the referee send the letter by email?

  66. Ram Krishna Pandey says:

    May I know if my application is complete in the sense that both the support letters have been received?

  67. Samar Shailendra says:

    What is the email id the referee can send the letters directly?

    • admin says:

      Referee(s) have been contacted multiple times to submit their recommendation letters with proper details.

  68. Dileep Kumar G says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am not receiving any mail from INYAS, but my referee’s got the mails.

  69. Amitesh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    The reference number of my application is 20198349287043.I have not got any updates.

    Please reply on my email id:

  70. This is with reference to my application 20199451426791
    Kindly let me know the status of application for membership.

  71. Shankar says:

    Dear Admin,

    My application number is 20199481283513.
    I hope you have received all the necessary referee report to process the application.
    Please may I know the status of the application.

  72. Mohan CD says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please let me know the tentative date of the announcement of INYAS selection list.
    Thank you

  73. Dr. Shyam Lal says:

    Dear Sir,

    The reference number of my application is 20199741072082.I have not got any updates.

    Please reply on my email id:

  74. The reference number of my application is 20199741072082.
    Could you please send me status of my INYAS Membership 2019.

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